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Welcome to the magical galleries of Studio 5.

The ironic and fanciful paintings of Rob March Harper contain an idiosyncratic combination of cartoon figures and natural elements, utilizing reference to popular art and popular culture in a striking and thought-provoking context. Oakland, CA artist Rob Harper paints what he likes - airplanes, trains, waterfalls, waves, hamburgers and cartoons. He defies the laws of nature many times by painting the assortment of these on the same canvas.

"My only conscious endeavor is to entertain people. Painting is almost like a religious experience for me. I'm creating something which I hope will make people feel better about life."

It used to be that those who fell in love with Rob's paintings could buy them only from galleries in New York or San Francisco. Now, they are offered for sale here for the first time -- online. So please feel free to explore and enjoy the magical and whimsical world of Rob March Harper and Studio 5.
Please email all questions, comments and inquiries to: robmharper@robharperstudio5.com

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